Album for the Young, Op. 138, Book 3, Nos. 16 - 20

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Used softcover book. Yorktown Music Press. Used sheet music book of piano solos. Else in fine condition. Corners bumped. Light stains on reverse of front cover and edges of first pages. Pen marks on rear cover. Foxing on edges of some pages. Albert Edition Used sheet music book of classical piano solos for young piano players. Covers are loose and have been taped to pages. Keighley Sonatina School Book 2.

Banks Edition No. Used sheet music book for classical piano solo. Undated Creased. A few small tears on edges. Else very good. List of contents: Waltz, Op. Winthrop Rogers Edition. Foxing on covers and on edges of pages. Used sheet music book of waltzes for piano. Used book of piano scores. Undated but circa 64 pages. Covers are worn on edges. Foxing on rear cover and on edges of pages.

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Pages have tanned. Else good. Used sheet music book for easy classical piano; some pieces also have chords.

Schumann Op.68 Album for the Young (Complete)

Music Box Dancer Publications. Second edition. Used sheet music book for easy classical piano. Alfred Publishing Co.

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Used book of marches for piano solo with chord names. Words included with a few pieces. Used softcover piano music book. Ashley Publications. Number '5' written on front cover. Small tears in both ends of spine. Foxing on edges of pages. Chester Music. A magnificent passage follows in which the music alternates between the upper and lower keyboard. The midsection smooths the melody chromatically, translating it from A min to A and giving it a syncopated backing. More strongly rhythmic passages follow before the opening section is repeated, ending in a sudden hiatus. In the coda the main melodic phrase is stretched further and further upwards with rushing torrents of notes take care — these begin in parallel but become 8 notes against 7 ending in A — F and then A — G.

Finally the music ends with a five octave ascending A minor melodic scale.

Piano, Sheet Music, 2 Piano Sheet music, Piano Duet Sheet Music based in Norwich - Musical Bouquet

A day may be a destiny; for life Lives in but little—but that little teems With some one chance, the balance of all time: A look—a word—and we are wholly changed. Their very ceremonial style suggests that Heller is showing some solidarity with the Polish people following the Franco-Prussian war. Poland did not exist at that time, being partitioned between Russia and Germany. They do not seem to reflect the music of Chopin and it may be that Heller had heard some characteristic Polish music from exiles living in France. In fact the composer who comes most to mind is Xaver Scharwenka, another whose music is said to be due for reassessment including 4 piano concertos, I believe.

Some of the variations could be played as individual pieces, especially those with a reprise, such as the very lovely No. Also the funereal No. Heller also draws on the other movements of the sonata, as in No.

Solo Syllabus

Earlier, Brahms composed his variations on a theme of Handel. I would like to thank Dchrisanthakopoulos for his recordings on YouTube. It shows how easy it is to lose the power to think. I hope you may have encouraged the production of a commercial recording of this work in the near future. Just one question - was there a negative reaction to German composers following the war?


Coming straight from earlier Heller it sounds disconcerting due the openness of the harmonies. The movements are: 1. Novellette 2.

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  • Scherzino 3. Romance 4. Arabesque 5. Questions 6. Although they can be played separately they do form a pair and are clearly linked thematically compare the opening theme of the first with the andante in the second. In the first the main theme is treated almost in the manner of variations. In the second the doubling of the melodic line in places gives an almost operatic air.

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    Perhaps more importantly this is memorable music — it sticks in the mind and invites further hearing. They have been recorded by Ilona Prunyi. Im Walde. There are two components here that alternate — one seems to represent the protagonists who are entering the forest, the other the voice of the forest itself; this being represented by whirling sextuplets, which at the end fade into silence.