Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi

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I noticed that the device was heating up a bit during heavy testing. For the other two devices I opted for a case that included a case fan. So pretty much any Pi 3 case should work for it with one small exception that you will see momentarily. This case includes a case fan that is powered by two of the GPIO pins located on the boards.

This is a problem that can easily be solved with a drill. After drilling the hole in the case, the power adapter fits just fine. You will see later on in this post that the cost is very much worth it. Again, the wireless card for the Pi 3 is not completely necessary due to the built-in card but if you want to do any wireless attacks you will need an adapter. After getting each device setup with my initial requirements of what I wanted from a pentest drop box I performed a few tests to compare how well they actually function as a drop box.

I first tested how fast each system could boot up. I also tested how fast from a reboot I could load the Metasploit console. This was a full minute faster than the Raspberry Pi 3, and over 2 minutes faster than the BeagleBone Black. Next, I baselined password cracking speeds on the devices. I have a decent cracking rig I could always send hashes to. This was more a test of the processors in each of them so that I could have a number to visually see which one was operating faster.

To do this I simply used the baseline test functionality from John the Ripper. I performed port scans with each device using Nmap against a router. I tested both the standard Nmap command without any flags and also with the Service Detection flag -sV.

They all took around 2 seconds for the basic scan, and around 2 minutes and 23 seconds for the Service Detection. The last comparison I did between the devices was to see how fast each of them could write data to storage, and read data from storage. I ended up taking that device with me on the red team engagement, placed it in a location connected to their network and left it up for three days without a hiccup. I had to manually discover what the subnet was and manually set an IP address to use to route my traffic.

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The device handled multiple Meterpreter sessions perfectly, and felt as if I had very decent penetration testing system on their network. The other devices were usable but for about the same price you can build a much more powerful drop box. But if you read this and already have one of the other devices or just feel like building a drop box out of one of the other devices, I have written up instructions for each.

This section assumes you have a command and control server accessible on the Internet and that server has SSH enabled on port If all goes well an ssh session should be established, and port should now be listening on the C2 server. The -M option is a monitor port.

Read More remotely. Next, you need to remove the default encryption keys. As they are default keys, they represent a vulnerability that is easy to remove. The following commands create a new directory to dump the old keys into while creating a set of new SSH keys in the process.

Navigate the configuration data file using either the arrow keys or your mouse. Now, check the internet configuration of your Kali Linux Raspberry Pi 3 by entering the following command:. You can edit the message of the day MOTD to display a personalized message. Go ahead, get creative! Finally, you need to check that your SSH login is up and running. To do this, you need an SSH client. That was one of the biggest announcements at the Build Developer Conference.

Here's why this matters. The installation process only takes a moment.

Get Started With Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux and Raspberry Pi

Press Enter, then input your password still toor unless you changed it. Now you are up and running with your Kali Linux Raspberry Pi 3, you can start learning more about ethical hacking using the myriad tools available in the operating system. Just remember that you should only practice hacking on your home network, on devices that you own and can legally attempt to break into.

Here are the best and most famous hackers in history and what they're doing today. Explore more about: Online Security , Raspberry Pi. Your email address will not be published. Hi Mike, Great article.

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I'm working through the steps as shown, however, after writing the kali linux image to my SD card using Etcher, the Pi simply wont boot up. Any ideas on what to try to solve this? Most forums won't touch new users with a bargepole IF they find out it's Kali they want help with I actually completely understand, its absolutely not for beginners and I guess I should stick a warning or caveat in there.

However, I think there's such a wealth of information out there that you can learn quickly and ethically and hopefully without having to ping Linux forums for hand-holding tutorials which I guess this is, so fool on me!

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    What Is Kali Linux?

    Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Oh never mind, I figured it out Robot has a LOT to answer for in this respect! Hey Mike, I actually completely understand, its absolutely not for beginners and I guess I should stick a warning or caveat in there. Gavin:- Yah, no 'disrespect' intended there. Scroll down for the next article. What Are Passwordless Logins?