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  1. The Fall and Renewal of Humankind—and the Earth

Still, assuming no air resistance, the momentum from the fall could sling one all the way to the surface on the other side. Anyone making the fall would have to make sure to get away from the exit hole as soon as they flew out of it, or else they could drop in again, hurtling back and forth inside the gravity tunnel, like a weight swinging at the end of a pendulum.

America's first orbital outpost dropped some big pieces on Western Australia.

You'd have to grab onto the other end or else you'd fall back down the way you came. If the waterslide was made of glass, it would be like zooming through a sea of lava.

The Fall and Renewal of Humankind—and the Earth

Still, at least one major unrealistic assumption dogged this calculation ever since it was first made in Ignoring for a moment how drilling a hole about 7, miles 12, kilometers long through the Earth is virtually impossible, the problem with the minute solution was that it assumed the planet was uniform in density throughout like a marble.

Now, using a more realistic model of the Earth, Klotz finds the fall would take only about 38 minutes and 11 seconds, about 4 minutes faster than thought. Klotz based his calculations on the internal structure of the planet as determined from seismic data. While the Earth's crust has a density less than about lbs.

The density of the planet does not rise in a straightforward manner the farther down one goes — there is a sharp 50 percent increase in density at the boundary of the planet's mantle and its outer core about 1, miles 2, km below Earth's surface. The physicist assumed there was no air resistance in the gravity tunnel.

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Section two focuses on revolutions in the 20th century, including the rise of Benito Mussolini and the spread of communism in China. Focus turns to democratic socialism in Great Britain , the Kibbutz movement in Israel, and socialism in Tanzania. The hour ends with discussion about the apparent failure of many of these movements.

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The documentary ends with a return to the Kibbutz and discussion about how market forces have transformed the community. The book has been accused of factual errors and right-wing bias. Host Ben Wattenberg and author of the companion book Joshua Muravchik were scholars at the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute.

The supreme value - we are ordinary human beings - is money. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on Retrieved Democratiya 11 : — Archived from the original PDF on June 20, Grace Creek Media.