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In this case, the suspects denied even being around the stolen Malibu, yet police found the car's key in one of the men's pockets. They found a small baggie of meth and a 9mm pistol as well.

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Drug addiction is behind so much car theft in Spokane, Vigesaa says. Police call the victim to retrieve the car. It was stolen back in October , and she never thought she'd see it again. There's a different stereo, and it has a lot of body damage that it didn't have before. I work 40 hours a week.

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I work my ass off to take care of my kids, and unfortunately Spokane's drug problem has affected my life, which sucks. Vigesaa speaks in clipped sentences.

His graying crew cut lends credibility to his frustrations arresting people — some with 20 and 30 felony convictions — only to watch as they're released with "no accountability. Adam Rusho was arrested in January and charged with three counts of taking a motor vehicle.

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He was released from jail without a bond the day after his arrest. Rusho was initially caught stealing Hondas, Vigesaa says.

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Since the man's release, "there have been eight stolen Hondas that I am aware of," he says. Richard Hoffman pleaded guilty last spring to eight charges including theft of a motor vehicle, trafficking stolen property and burglary. The year-old was sentenced to 36 months in prison, where he'll get drug treatment.

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Hoffman's earliest release date is November of , according to the Washington State Department of Corrections, though that includes a sentence out of Whatcom County as well. If we can take some of these vehicle thieves off the street for a few days, that's a couple days they're not victimizing citizens. Since January , the team of five officers under Vigesaa's command have recommended felony charges to prosecutors, of those were for vehicle theft or possession of a motor vehicle.

His team also found 83 stolen vehicles with someone inside, "which may not sound like a lot to you, but some cops don't ever recover five occupied stolens in their career," Vigesaa says. Indeed, SPD has been pretty successful finding stolen cars. In , for example, officers found 1, out of the 1, vehicles reported stolen, according to numbers provided by the department.

What's more difficult is figuring out who actually stole the car. That's why the vehicle-theft team has began fingerprinting recovered vehicles "in the hopes of identifying suspects who are taking more than one or two vehicles within a certain area," says Arleth, the SPD captain.

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Vigesaa can't help but look for stolen vehicles. It's dark now, and raining on a Tuesday evening in Spokane. Vigesaa's unmarked car creeps slowly over the damp pavement in the city's northeast neighborhood. Many stolen vehicles end up on the north side of town, he says. He parks out from under the glow of street lights, and opens his computer revealing the list of about 30 or so cars currently reported stolen in Spokane — lots of Hondas, Toyotas and Subarus. He starts to flip through photos on his phone: One shows a pocket knife jammed into a car's ignition, which was used to start it; another is of a metal rake tine that he pulled out of an ignition.

You name it, and I've pulled it out of ignitions. He turns back to the computer when something catches his eye in the rearview. A Honda Civic with a busted out back window scoots past his unmarked car and turns right.

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Vigesaa types the plate number into his computer and the results intrigue him. He throws the car in gear and the V8 roars to life. The Civic pulls into a gas station and Vigesaa follows close behind. The driver says he forgot his license at home. He tells the sergeant his name, birthdate and address. Turns out, the name matches someone with a Washington state license, but it's not the guy sitting in the driver's seat. The car hasn't been reported stolen, but the passenger said she recently bought it "from a well known criminal, who we know, who steals cars," Vigesaa says.

It seems obvious that lying will only delay the inevitable, that police will find out who the guy is, so why lie? Have nearly eight years of Condon and Stuckart made Spokane safer? Study: Spokane Community Court effective at reducing recidivism, connecting defendants to services. Washington Supreme Court upholds 'three-strikes' mandatory life sentence law. Elderly defendant spends over two years in Spokane County Jail waiting for trial as his public defenders keep quitting.

New timber factory in Spokane Valley will help economize forest health, create jobs, Washington leaders say.

Hometown news (Vero Beach, FL). 2007.

Kids protest climate change, Trump may have pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden's son, and other headlines. Judge throws out confession of former LC student who allegedly threatened to 'shoot up' school, targeted classmate. Priority Spokane's new priority: Reducing family trauma and violence. UI professor fired, Manito pond to be cleaned up, and other headlines. Invasive and voracious, northern pike are inching closer to salmon habitat, but Washington plans to fight the threat.

Native American women go missing at shocking rates; these women want to change that. Submit an Event. Browse all Film Times. Chauncy Welliver was once among the best heavyweight boxers in the world. At 35 and lbs overweight, he's coming back. Spokane County won't release investigations of sexual assault and harassment inside the jail. Former therapists treating sex offenders say hostile work conditions are hurting those who need help.

Entree Food Newsletter. Weekend Countdown. News Local News. February 08, Mid-'90s Hondas, Toyotas and Subarus are among the most commonly stolen vehicles in Spokane. A thief ripped out the dashboard and punched out the ignition to steal an older Honda Civic. Related Articles. Hall; Lucy Street Hall - including: News Adolf G.

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